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For over 10 years, AnythingIT and Fujitsu America, Inc. have been partners in offering clients the highest possible return for trade-ins as well as compliant e-waste recycling services.

In extending the Fujitsu commitment to both customers and the environment, this joint venture with AnythingIT has evolved into a solution with which customers can address the environmental concerns their legacy IT equipment poses. Through this FREE RECYCLING PROGRAM, customers can now have their legacy products recycled for FREE.

In partnership with Federal Express (fedex.com), customers can now ship their legacy and outdated desktops, monitors, and displays free of charge to AnythingIT for environmentally-compliant recycling. The program also applies to items such as servers, storage devices, desktop computers, and scanners.

Five Simple Steps ( There is No Charge for this service)
  1. When you want to erase your hard drive in Windows, you can use software that is designed to remove all traces of information from the drive. These programs are more complete than formatting the drive from the command prompt, giving you more confidence that you have fully erased the drive. Make sure to choose a program from a reliable source; look for reviews and only consider programs from sites that you trust. A common program is called DBAN (or Darik’s Boot and Nuke) is a commonly used, free program used to securely erase your hard drive. It also works for Macs running at least OS X. Other programs available are Active@ KillDisk and Softpedia DP Wiper (free downloads).
  2. Fill out the information in the form to the right for a FedEx Pre-Printed Label.
  3. Find the closest FedEx Office or visit http://www.fedex.com//Dropoff/start
  4. Bring your pre-packaged device(s) ONLY with the label to the FedEx drop off.
  5. Affix the label to box with tape and give it to a FedEx agent for shipping.

Please note: AnythingIT is not responsible for any data on equipment received.




Recycle Fujitsu Products
(Non-Fujitsu only with purchase of similar Fujitsu replacement item)
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