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Fujitsu Free Recycling Program
Terms & Conditions

  • This service only offers free shipping for any Notebook or Tablet computer when the terms of this program are followed.

  • Shipping costs for all other items will be the responsible of the customer.

  • The service provides a zero cost and environmentally responsible solution for the recycle or full raw material recovery of these products. 

  • There is no cost to the user for this service for the defined mobile products from the site so long as a FEDEX label is used. 

  • All returned products go through an environmentally responsible, multi-phase recycling process. They're sent to a recycling facility where the product is recycled and refurbished then sold for reuse or, if it does not have economic recovery value, the product is separated into components and raw material where it is processed for recovery of raw material. 

  • We do not offer a donation option through this service at this time. This option has been considered and may be offered at a later time.

  • There is no limit to the number of FEDEX labels used.  

  • There is a size/weight limit per box when using the automated service. For each individual Notebook size the maximum package weight accepted is 15 pounds and a standard FEDEX label is used.

  • Fujitsu is not responsible for packages that are lost or damaged by the carrier. Please retain a copy of your confirmation email with for your records so that any problems in shipping may be resolved with the carrier. There is no charge to you for a lost package. 

  • For any large shipments please email Fujitsu@AnythingIT.com 

  • Equipment shipped by mistake cannot be recovered or returned. By ordering the service and surrendering your packed equipment to the transportation carrier, you relinquish any rights to the package and its contents. 

  • It is always recommended that the customer re-format storage devices after making a backup of critical data.

  • Upon receipt AIT will reformat all drives however AnythingIT is not responsible for any data left on the machine when it is received. 

  • Any trade-in opportunities should be directed to fujitsu@anythingit.com




Recycle Fujitsu Products
(Non-Fujitsu only with purchase of similar Fujitsu replacement item)
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